As you can see I am trying really hard to keep up to date with my blogging – Although this Woodlands themed baby shower was hosted beginning of this year, I am getting there! I don’t find this theme popular in South Africa but extremely on trend in the US. So it was quite fun working with this Woodlands themed baby shower and gathering all the elements together to create an event that’s true to its theme.

My client was previously in the US thus had a few Woodlands elements purchased from there for this event. What I loved about this baby shower was that it was a couple’s baby shower. I feel that there aren’t enough couple baby showers in South Africa – The father to be should be as part of this special day as the mom to be – it did take two people to make the baby after all, isn’t it!

Woodlands Themed Baby Shower – Decor Elements

With this theme we worked with a lot of wood barks and wood logs. We had a lot of greenery and moss as well to create the wood effect. Although I must say I cannot stand the smell of the moss – It’s absolutely disgusting but it looks nice so we just have to block our noses and spread creativity right? We sourced a few woodlands animals and added a touch of the red indians to the baked goodies such as cookies in the shape of a teepee and arrows etc..  One of my favourite decor element was the backdrop – It wqa quite bespoke with both the mom and dad’s name on it. Have a look and leave your comments below – We love to hear your thoughts!

The Venue

The venue of choice for this event was The River Cabin – I find working there quite flexible and the space offered are both indoor and outdoor at a reasonable rate. So if the weather is not good on your special day, you are still guaranteed to still have a great time plus rain cover.

The Decor Style Studio

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