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Twotti Frutti 2nd Birthday Party

We had such fun planning this Twotti Frutti 2nd Birthday Party for one of our longstanding clients. We have styled a Tutti Frutti Birthday Party before but never got around to posting them. With this one, I am not losing any time to post!

This Twotti Frutti 2nd birthday party theme is so colourful, vibrant and perfect to welcome the Summer season in. If you have a pool at home, you can easily turn this theme into a pool party. The best part about this theme is that you can actually stock up on these yummy fruits instead of feeding the kids party junk food.

I am trying to get my daughter to agree on this theme for her next birthday – the theme is so versatile and instead of Twotti Frutti for a two year old, we can spruce it up for a 9 year old too and there you have a cool summer Tutti Frutti Pool Party! But my daughter (like me) has a mind of her own and wants a music themed party. Makes me realise how the time has changed since I was a 9 year old. I would be lucky if my parents got me a cake. Now because I am an event planner, my kids birthday demands are quite the thing! They shock me everytime! My 7 year old son wants a DJ for his next birthday… like seriously?!

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