I had to dub this luxurious high end wedding the Red Wedding – It was simply too gorgeous and I love how the colours worked so well together. Working with red for an event can often come out as tacky so it was of great importance to ensure that the right colour combination was used with the passionate red to ensure that it was classy and elegant. So we paired the red with gold and it was simply magic!

The Red Wedding - K & K

We opted to do two types of tables – White rectangle tables with gold legs and round tables with gold tablecloths. Tablecloths still provides a soft and elegant look especially when using a combination of bare tables. My client wanted lots of flowers so we made sure that flowers were plentiful. Gold Plates adorned the tables and we took a chance on adding red glassware, I wanted to bring out the red a tad bit more without the whole event looking tacky. I was indecisive and not sure if the red glassware would break or make the event. I trusted my instincts and it was clearly the right call to bring the red into the glassware. It elevated the table setting making it look even more beautiful. With the beautiful red flowers, the couple’s passion definitely shone through.

I am sure you have noticed a lot of fairy lights at our events. It simply looks magical and there’s so many looks that can be achieved with fairy lights. Before I go further, fairy lights are not cheap and we don’t use the ones they sell at China Town for R 25. It’s not the same thing and you will not get the same look and vibe. Our fairy lights installation usually takes between 12 – 18 hours to install so that right there, tells you that this is no joke!

We created a pergola over the Dancefloor and had fairy lights falling down over it. As you can see in the photos, it simply looked magnificent!

Review of The Red Wedding – K & K

Morning Ishrat, we just want to say the biggest thank you to your and your magic makers for making our reception so beautiful. It was beyond our wildest expectations and we are still absolutely elated by our magical it was. The detail in everything was just beyond spectacular from the table seatings, the crockery, the lights, the dance floor and the most exquisite flowers. Thank you for all your patience, the video calls, whatsapp messAges and the last minute changes that you sorted out effortlessly. Thank you once again for capturing everything that we wanted and ensuring that we had the most perfect and magical wedding🎈💫

The Red Wedding K & K

Kam and Kameshnie was such a wonderful couple to work with. They trusted Outlandish Events fully and the results of that trust is always mind-blowing! It is always wonderful to have clients who trust our expertise and knowledge in the event sphere and let us do our thing while keeping in mind what their vision is.

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