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Rustic Royal 1st Birthday Party

Catch My Party


I cannot begin to show my gratitude and appreciation for the amazing clients that I work with who appreciates our creativity and quality of events. Clients who trust us not only with their vision but also their hard earned money – to blindly put that trust in us based on other’s clients’ events and feedback but knowing that you are paying for a premium event planning service. Clients who understand that creativity is priceless and who acknowledge the hard work and effort which goes into creating a bespoke event each and every time. For all our existing clients who have supported us over the years, we have something exciting for you so make sure you are subscribed to our mails.

“People copy people they look up to, and good products and service inspire copycats.”

Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

It’s easy to copy someone’s event and under-charging for it because you want to break into the market but creativity and originality will always be priceless. Screen grabbing our events and taking them to another event planner who will charge you half the price and promising you an exact replica of our work is simply them promising you more than they can deliver and we guarantee 100% client dissatisfaction. So if you are someone who is guilty of this, quit while you are at it. Two words of advise – Planners, carve your own path. And if you can’t afford a planner, put your creativity out there and do it yourself! You will be amazed at what you can create without copying.

Levels of creativity, years of experience, passion, networking, enthusiasm, attention to detail, understanding your goal and vision as a client are all qualities of a successful planner who will under promise and over deliver. This is a crucial difference between a top event planner and a fly by night event planner. There’s also a difference between being inspired by an event planner and copying their events. Find your calling and avoid this huge mistake if you want to be an event planner who stands out from the rest.

Rustic Royal Birthday Party – Details

Rustic Glam, Rustic Chic or Rustic Royal, they all have an air of elegance to it and it’s a theme that I love to style over and over again. There’s just something classy about a rustic event with a touch of elegance. Wood and metal works so well together in creating a sophisticated event.

We recently styled a Rustic Glam 40th Birthday party (which you can see on our instagram page) and I loved the stylish end result. We will blog about this one soon so make sure you are subscribed to our blog.

Back to this Rustic Royal theme 1st Birthday party, my amazing client did not want the usual Princess theme thus we created this bespoke Rustic Royal theme which was featured internationally on catchmyparty.com.

This Rustic Royal theme is also a spin of the Princess in the Park theme where we also incorporated a touch of the birthday girl favourite animals.

I absolutely loved the picnic style set up we went for as it worked well with the rustic effect but at the same time was so refined by the royal element of the overall theme.

Balloon garlands has been the new craze in party planning and this event would have been totally incomplete without the addition of one in these beautiful colours. I personally think the incorporation of these balloon garlands take any event to the next level. It’s the new in thing and I suggest you budget for it if you are planning to wow your guests!

Another decor element we incorporated in this event was the jumbo balloons rose gold and blushes hanging from the ceiling. If you want to fill up any space, the addition of those quickly lifts up a room and creates a beautiful and unified look. They are not cheap either but well worth it.

Client Review – Rustic Royal 1st Birthday Party

“Thank you Ishrat for seeing our vision through in such a short time span!🙏🏻😇🌈you helped us create amazing memories for our daughters first birthday!😘…” P

Noir Blanc Photography

Go have a look at these gorgeous photos captured by @noirblanc_style – He captures moments and ambience, not just faces! It is vital to invest in an amazing photographer to capture your special celebrations – that is the only way you can relive this special day.

To book Noir Blanc Photography, contact + 27 76 040 0487 or email hello@noirblancphotography.co.za


  1. Deb Zandberg May 4, 2019 at 11:10 AM - Reply

    Absolutely beautiful always my friend, your elegance never seizes to amaze me, I loooove looking at every single event you host, such elegance to detail.

    I’d use you in a heartbeat for any occasion as I have prior.

    Kindest Regards

    • Ish May 8, 2019 at 1:11 PM - Reply

      You are always so amazing! Thank you Deb! Can’t wait for our next event with you.

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