Purple Pink & Gold VIP Dinner 5

Me again – I can’t believe how I used to complain that I don’t have the time to blog on a regular basis and now the world has come to a standstill and here I am, blogging away.

Let’s get straight to this Purple, Pink and Gold VIP Dinner 5 – for all the other VIP Dinners in this series, the link will be posted below. When we reached this last event for that week, I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. I was completely burnout bearing in mind we came to an end of ten events for the week for this one company. We still had activations taking place in that week and a 40th birthday lunch – also in that same week. I looked so exhausted that I could not take a decent photo of myself at these events.

This purple pink and gold VIP dinner took place on a Friday and we chose the vibrant colours to represent the party vibe at the end of a very very long week. With that said, we still had three major 40th birthday parties to style the next day. But hey, what doesn’t kill you…? Makes you stronger! Stronger for Outlandish Events to take on some amazing events after this COVID-19 issues. So get booking for your events as I suspect we will be extremely busy and the best thing after lockdown is to party with your friends and family  – after all the isolation happening right now.

With all these events, a huge thank you has to go out to my amazing team and all our suppliers to went all out to ensure that we have a successful week of events. I am also so thankful to my wonderful client from America for giving Outlandish Events this wonderful opportunity and for allowing me all the creative freedom I wanted. Thank you for trusting my judgement and creativity. Below is a review from my client:

Corporate Luxury Event Review – Multiple week long events

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Ishrat. She understood my vision and executed it with excellence. She went above and beyond! She’s amazing, their team is awesome and I highly recommend them.” Dr B.W – USA

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