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Mbuso’s Monochrome 40th Birthday Dinner

Today we are blogging about this gorgeous birthday party, Mbuso’s Monochrome 40th Birthday Dinner. When my long standing client reached out to me to plan her husband’s 40th, I already had the perfect colour palette in mind. It was just a matter of her and her husband being happy with my suggestion. I am so tired of the usual gold and black or gold and silver colour palette for a man’s birthday celebration. As much as the colours are so classy and opulent, I prefer to do something different as well as something that brings out my clients’ personalities.

I was thrilled when my client was happy to proceed with the Monochrome colour palette. It was classy and trendy but in order to pull it off, we had to ensure that every decor item brought in would be either grey, silver or black.

Mbuso’s Monochrome 40th Birthday Dinner – Venue Search

For Mbuso’s Monochrome 40th Birthday Dinner, we had inspected many high-end venues and Mbuso was quite particular of the type of venue he wanted. We all agreed that The Fourseasons Westcliff Hotel was the perfect venue for Mbuso’s Monochrome 40th Birthday Dinner. What I quite liked about it was that it worked so well with our monochrome colour palette with grey walls and floors along with silver trimmings. That was already a major point in terms of the overall event look as well as costing. The staff at the venue were friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this venue. The Fourseasons Westcliff Hotel also provided the food which was quite delicious too.

Mbuso’s Monochrome 40th Birthday Dinner – Decor

With this event, both my clients and I were set on getting in black or silver tables. Our luxurious tables were mirror top which further added to the ambience and reflected the different lighting at the venue beautifully.

Whether it’s a male event or female event, flowers is always a must. We opted for a low floral arrangement in greys and blacks adding a masculine touch to the tables. We added a touch of copper to the overall flowers for a pop of colour and texture. Lots of candles is always a requirement and only enhances the elaborate evening further.

Our wow factor was our black steel backdrop with black and silver balloons and flowers. It definitely was beyond what I had expected. Our number lighting is a firm favourite amongst all of our clients and can definitely not be left out.

Lighting can either make or break an event. So for this Monochrome theme, it was a tricky aspect of the colour palette. I didn’t want the lighting to overpower the overall colour scheme and do away with our monochrome palette. We opted to go for a blue lighting and I think it worked well.

Mbuso’s Monochrome 40th Birthday Dinner – Review

“This couldn’t have looked better! Absolute Perfection.” ~ Sibu

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