I had the absolute pleasure of working with this gorgeous bride for her luxury high-end destination wedding in blush and white at Sun City. The brief was over the top, lots of candles, blush and lots of crystals. I could not be happier as Outlandish Events is a luxury event management and wedding planning company. Our weddings and events are always elegant and over the top. Our wedding planning services are exclusively aimed at those brides who are looking for an out of this world wedding experience. We are here to ensure every requests, no matter how extreme, is met according to our bride and groom’s wishes. We work with international brides as well as local brides looking for a luxurious high-end wedding in South Africa or abroad.

As all planning starts, a site visit to the wedding venue is essential – especially if it’s a destination wedding, a site inspection is of even more importance. We were taken around for a tour of the multiple venues that Sun City had to offer. My clients wanted a garden wedding and wanted to exchange their vows as the sun was going down. After being given lots of options, we chose the Baobab Outlook for the reception – this venue was surrounded by beautiful trees and a had a gorgeous waterfall feature. For the ceremony, my clients decided to go for the Wind Chime Chapel, also equally beautiful – surrounded by the lush greenery.

This blog was created to share my events with all my readers as an inspiration tool. We feature real events, real weddings, real brides and real vendors. We tell it all with this blog be it good or bad! So it won’t be fair if I don’t share my experience working with Sun City as a venue. Will I recommend this venue to anyone? No, I highly doubt it unless they replace their current staff with whom I dealt with – Sun City takes very long to respond to any emails about your special day and you need someone like me to keep pushing them for regular feedback. On the day of the event, they were unorganized, did not know what was going on and clearly you could see that the different departments involved lacked communication of the details of the wedding.. I can go on but I will leave it at that. I just would not recommend this venue again – will I work there again if a client is using this venue? Yes I probably would but I would be better prepared in dealing with their incompetence and lack of professionalism.

Luxury High End Destination Wedding in Blush and White

– Reception Decor Details

As per the brief that client wanted a blush and white wedding – the more crystals, the happier my bride was. So we used mirror runners on the edge of the table as all guests were seated on one side of the tables only. We placed an 8m x 8m dance floor in the middle. Using mirror runners meant that once all the candles were lit, we would create a beautiful reflection in the mirror and further adding to the ambiance of this special wedding day. Crystal candelabrum were placed at the foot of the tables with gorgeous tall rose gold vases along the rest of these tables. If you look at the photos you can see we used a variety of crystal candle holders and stands – I think for a wedding of less than 30 people we had around 400 candles lit. The atmosphere at night with all these candles lit were quite breathtaking. We added some vintage elements here and there as the bride loves vintage. See if you can spot them!

The Bride and Groom table were set under a wooden structure with white draping – we suspended a crystal chandelier over the top of the table. The table was beautifully adorned with a full rose gold sequinced table-cloth as well as a gorgeous floral arrangement. Lots of candles as well as per the bride’s orders!!

Each guests were given a personalized wine bottle as well as a beautifully packaged cupcake.  The bride and groom played the shoe game which was hilarious and all the guests had a good laugh. No wedding is complete without well wishers and advice from the guests to the couple.

Luxury High End Destination Wedding in Blush and White – Ceremony Decor Details

The ceremony was just as gorgeous as the reception – we created music notes confetti cones to add the vintage element we previously mentioned. The chapel area was beautifully draped and adorned with flowers. A white carpet welcomed the bride as she walked down the aisle. I always find the exchanging of vows so emotional! A tear or two could be spotted among the guests. The couple ended the ceremony by releasing two white doves in the air as a symbol of their union and love. This luxury high-end destination wedding in blush and white was truly magical!

The New Mr. & Mrs. Lombard

What makes this luxury high-end destination wedding more amazing for me is that I enjoyed working with a wonderful and loving couple. I could not have asked for a better bride and groom. I loved every minute of planning and designing this bespoke wedding celebration. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lombard – Outlandish Events wishes you a lifetime of happiness, love, contentment, peace and endless beautiful memories together. Thank you for choosing Outlandish Events to make your special day an unforgettable event.

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Working exclusively in the luxury wedding sector, our focus lies on creating a meaningful and truly special day for our brides and grooms – which in turn states something about their values and sense of style. We ensure to never compromise on our quality and service delivery. From small lavish gatherings to grand luxury affairs, we offer a first class service and create a world-class event. Outlandish Events sets trends rather than follow them. Our bespoke luxury wedding planning services are for couples from overseas wanting a luxurious wedding in South Africa as well as brides based in South Africa. We also travel abroad for destination weddings for couples based in SA and around the globe. For your bespoke luxury wedding planning 2018 /2019 , email us weddings@outlandishevents.co.za or call us for a wedding consultation on +27760400487 – We are here to assist our clients in creating memorable, magical celebrations that exceed expectations. Follow us on Instagram to see all of the latest weddings and events we style!