This luxury all white 40th birthday party was one of our event highlight for 2018 – We started the planning of this event in September 2017 –  seven months before the actual event. My client wanted to throw his wife an elaborate surprise 40th birthday party and wanted to blow her away. When I say he blew her away, he definitely did. I have never met a man who pulled off such a lavish birthday surprise party without the wife having a clue of what’s going on. Bashani had no idea what Ashley was planning for months and her reaction when she walked in was priceless – If you follow us on Instagram then I am sure you must have caught all this on our live video. If not, you better get following or you will miss what’s coming!

Luxury All White 40th Birthday Party

The venue of choice was the upmarket party venue in Fourways. The venue is gorgeous and the staff are quite friendly – it was wonderful working with them and I can’t recall having any issues. We had all day to set up for this event without any hassles so that’s always an important aspect to consider when booking a venue. The brief I was given for this event was that no cost was to be spared in making this event memorable and out of this world.

The colour scheme Ashley opted for was all white and crystal. We were aiming for a very opulent and elegant look. However Bashani adored dolphins and goes all over the world to swim with these gentle creatures so her husband Ashley wanted that to be featured in the event. Now that can be tricky – fitting dolphins in an elegant atmosphere. Yet we pulled it off. To incorporate the dolphin element, we added gobo lights with dolphin cut outs and we had a touch of dolphins on the cake as well. We kept it to a minimal yet impactful.

The lighting brief for this Luxury All white 40th Birthday Party was WOW – the client wanted an under water effect and this is exactly what we gave him. Find the video below to see the overall event!

Luxury All White 40th Birthday Party – Cake & Decor

Ashley’s brief with the cake was “I want the best baker in South Africa to do this cake for my wife.” And of course, we called in the best indeed – The Cake Genie, home to the most extravagant cake design creations. South Africa’s own Cake Boss! Deon was such a pleasure to work with and he did a spectacular job with the cake. From designing a bespoke cake to creating it, he was outstanding and I loved working with him.

So for the table set up, a mock up was necessary to show Ashley what we had in mind. Lots of crystals and candles with a lavish all white floral arrangement adorned each table with hanging crystals.

For our wow feature, I proposed a dolphin ice sculpture. Instead of one, Ashley decided that two of these dolphin ice sculptures were perfect – Bashani was totally in love with them.

Luxury All White 40th Birthday Party – Entertainment

For this lavish 40th birthday party, the MC was none other than Leandra Reddy. Needless to say Leandra had the crowd in stitches with her comical mc’ing. We had a live band performing all the latest songs for this special night. The live band really brought the house down with their amazing talent. Their performances were eclectic, I know I had an amazing evening for sure!

Have a look below for all the amazing details and all the fun that was had on this special evening. To book us for your event, email or call +27 76 040 0487.