Luxurious Hangar 40th Birthday Party

This exquisite and long-standing patron of mine is an unequivocal icon in every sense of the word, and whilst we shall set aside the fact that she once purloined my concept of hosting my 40th birthday celebration in a hangar in the years to come, I must express that collaborating with Aseema is nothing short of wondrous. We always endeavor to conceive of new and distinct themes and chromatic schemes for each occasion, ensuring that the “wow factor” is consistently present. On this particular occasion, we sought to make an unprecedented impact and therefore, by way of introducing a first-of-its-kind endeavor, we installed balloons on a plane! Although we’ve observed the trend of flowers and balloons in cars, phone booths, bicycles, and the like, I proposed to Aseema, “what if we styled balloons from a plane?”. To the best of my knowledge, it had never been done before and we were both thrilled by the prospect. However, we faced apprehension from the hangar authorities who were cautious of any potential damage to their planes. Therefore, we had to resort to begging, pleading, and even offering bribes of the finest Indian cuisine (as my client is the proprietor of an Indian restaurant), to bring our dream to fruition.

Despite the challenges presented by the hangar as a functioning venue, we proceeded with unwavering determination. The airport security protocols were intricate and maddening, and we had to work around their schedules, but we were finally granted permission to begin setting up the day before the event. However, on the day of setup, just as we were about to commence, we were informed that a 30 billion-dollar plane would be parked overnight, rendering our setup impossible. It was an arduous setback, but we had no choice but to comply, lest the airport cancel the event entirely. We returned the next day, brimming with anticipation, and through diligent effort, we managed to complete the setup just in time.

Decor Details of this Luxurious Hangar 40th Birthday Party

The color palette for this Luxurious Hangar 40th Birthday Party, that we selected exudes refinement and sophistication, with a nude and black color scheme that embodies a sense of luxury. We incorporated black dance floors, stages, and stunning backdrops, as well as S-shaped tables, to create a setting of pure extravagance. Upon arrival, guests were greeted by lounge pods and cocktail tables and chairs that complemented the overall decor. The event was brought together by pops of nude tones, adding to the sumptuousness of the occasion.

The dancefloor was transformed into a magical wonderland with the installation of stunning fairy light chandeliers. These dazzling fixtures hung gracefully from the ceiling, casting a warm and inviting glow over the entire space.The chandeliers were truly a work of art, with delicate strands of twinkling lights carefully woven together to create a stunning, ethereal effect.

The Menu and Live Entertainment

As for the menu, it was a work of art. My client, being an accomplished restaurateur, personally crafted a five-course menu that celebrated the culinary delights of various countries. But that’s not all! Each course was accompanied by live entertainment that represented the country in question, bringing the entire event to life. Every dish was artfully paired with its corresponding music, culminating in a truly breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

Luxurious Hanger 40th Birthday Party

The Cake Details of this Luxurious Hangar 40th Birthday Party

The cake was truly a sight to behold, as spectacular and stunning as the client herself. A towering five-tiered masterpiece, it was adorned with intricate details and a range of different elements that made it a true feast for the senses.

As the centerpiece of the backdrop feature, the cake featured a range of different textures and flavors, from rich chocolate and creamy vanilla to delicate fondant and buttercream. But what truly set it apart was the addition of twinkling lights that gave the cake an ethereal glow making it truly breathtaking.

Every detail of the cake had been meticulously planned and executed, from the handcrafted sugar art to the delicate assembling and intricate design. It was a stunning work of art that perfectly encapsulated the luxury and extravagance of the entire event, and it will surely be remembered as one of the many unforgettable elements of this truly spectacular celebration.

The Entrance -Luxurious Hangar 40th Birthday Party

In addition to the many other highlights of this Luxurious Hangar 40th Birthday Party, my client made a grand entrance that left guests breathless. To the surprise and delight of everyone in attendance, she arrived in a sleek black Ferrari on the tarmac, making a striking statement that perfectly complemented the luxurious atmosphere of the occasion. It was yet another unforgettable moment in an evening filled with them, adding to the unforgettable memories that will be treasured for years to come.


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