I cannot believe how time flies – my last blog was in May 2019! Can’t believe how I just don’t have the time to blog anymore. But I love sharing my parties with you guys so I do hope you missed our posts. We have a lot of events that we have not shared due to having not enough time so I am hoping I can get as much out as possible within the next couple of weeks starting with this Luxe 40th Birthday Soirée.

2020 is all about Ultra Luxe – We are here to take the event industry in South Africa to the next level. Of course, with an ultra luxe event, a generous budget is quintessential so drop me a mail if you want your event to be next level ultra glamorous, luxurious and the talk of the industry! ishrat@outlandishevents.co.za

Luxe 40th Birthday Soirée | Purple, Pink & Gold

We planned this gorgeous luxe 40th birthday soirée in purple, pink and gold sometime last year and again time has just not been on my side to blog about it. I loved everything about this 40th birthday party. What makes it even more wonderful is that I had an amazing couple who believed in me and trusted me with their vision.

I know the current trend is gloss tables / naked tables etc without tablecloths but sometimes gorgeous fabrics just add that extra touch of elegance to any event. Our table decor comprised of large and luxurious flower arrangements. We love candles so crystal candle sticks and crystal candle holders were an absolute must to create the right ambience. Elegant gold rimmed crockery and cutlery adorned the tables adding our touch of gold.

My clients wanted 2 rows of long tables to accommodate all the guests thus we had a large arrangement alternating with candelabras. Unfortunately our venue layout was not working out to that style thus we had to split up the decor set up that’s why you see a beautiful floral arrangement accompanied by a candelabra. I was personally not too thrilled about having two tall contrasting elements next to each other but in this case it worked out quite well.

To add to the glamorous look my client was going for, we specifically played with crystal vases and candle sticks. Once the lights are dimmed and the candles are lit, you achieve a spectacular glimmering effect with crystal decor. Mood lights are always a must at any night event – without it consider your event missing that touch of wow.

Photo and Welcome Area and Cake Display

We created a personalised three piece backdrop for this amazing client for when guests arrived. Photos were taken right in front that beautiful background. Attention to details are what sets us apart from the rest so we ensured that every element of this event was well thought of.

Our cake display featured our popular circular backdrop with a gorgeous balloon garland in purple, pink and gold. An all white dance floor was a must and we finished that off with a gold vinyl of my client’s initals.

Venue of Choice for this Luxe 40th Birthday Soirée | Purple, Pink and Gold

The venue of choice was the Rosebank Crowne Plaza – A lavish and stunning venue which I highly recommend. The staff are both friendly and helpful.

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