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Industrial Themed Alice in Wonderland Corporate Event

What my clients who appreciates my work will tell you about me is that I love to add a few twists to any theme. So when this major international firm contacted me for an industrial themed Alice in Wonderland, I was too happy to oblige.

The venue we opted for was The Turbine Hall in Newtown – ideal for an Alice in Wonderland theme. I love this venue and I appreciate all the decor elements it comes with. However their set up and breakdown policy is ridiculous. The event ended at about 12 ish – working with at least 20 different suppliers for this event, they were skeptical in collecting their items at this odd hour in Newtown with crime being an issue.. The venue refused to provide us with a storage room despite the amount of money we spent with them. Let’s say an arm and a leg wasn’t sufficient for The Turbine Hall to accommodate us. Despite the many rooms they had available, they point-blank refused to assist us and instead wanted to charge us an extra R 8000 to just store a few boxes. I was highly disappointed in their service after the event lapsed. Having worked with many venues who appreciates our business and goes to any lengths to accommodate us, The Turbine Hall was simply astonishing.

With that negative vibe out-of-the-way, let’s focus on this gorgeous Industrial themed Alice in Wonderland decor details. The photos simply doesn’t do justice – I can’t thank Hettie Fowlds enough for sharing these photos with me. Hettie was a guest at this event and being a lover of photography, was shooting away during the night. We had a young and upcoming photographer approach us for this event. He wanted to take some shots for us free of charge to demonstrate his work and skills. However, he has never shared the photos with us. After many attempts in trying to get the photos, I just gave up. I mean, how unprofessional to offer your services, expect me to do business with him and then never share the photos with the client? How difficult is it to upload a few photos to Dropbox? Beats me! So I never heard of him again and Hettie came to the rescue with these gorgeous photos capturing all our hard work. Thank you Hettie.

Industrial Themed Alice in Wonderland Corporate Event – Decor Details

So conceptualizing 30 tables was no joke! One of my decor creatives in the event industry advised me to just be simple and do the same centerpieces for all the tables… Well…. Being outlandish, that was simply not going to work for me. Alice in Wonderland is such a stunning theme and so much elements to demonstrate that you simply can’t stick with one type of centerpiece. Our centerpieces had to tell a story on each table and it was no easy task. Being the main creative at Outlandish Events, all the vision and creativity were in my head and hands! I conceptualized and designed the whole event and it was tough to pass it down to my staff members to execute. At one point, I remember feeling so overwhelmed, looking up from the table and I saw 20 odd tables awaiting me. My staff was at my beck and call handing me decor elements as I called for them. I remember thinking I should have just stuck to one idea dammit! Well it was a huge creative process but the end results were amazing. And I am so glad to have executed it in the most creative way possible.

We created a magical hallway to the main underground venue pulling all elements from Alice in Wonderland. There’s an elevator which takes guests down to the underground venue and we placed an appropriate signage that said “Down the Rabbit Hole”.  We incorporated the giant flowers, giant mushrooms, huge chess pieces, clocks, frames and many other decor items to create a magical topsy-turvy atmosphere.

Both the client and the guests were blown away at the set up and took note of the detailing of our centerpiece. Each table told a story and if you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, you would get it! The colour scheme was Rose Gold / Copper / Metal and we loved every bit of designing this event. We were happy to keep the theme very copper like instead of the usual brightly coloured Alice in Wonderland parties you get out there.

Sometime last year, we styled a 30th Alice in Wonderland Birthday party based on the Tim Burton’s 2013 movie. That was all mysterious and dark – and that is what I love about the Alice in Wonderland theme. The theme can conform to appeal to both kids and adults and in different ways too. That’s why the Alice in Wonderland theme remains my all time favourite to style. For my daughter’s first birthday party five years ago, I opted for the Mad Hatter High Tea and that was an organized chaotic party incorporating the madness that The Mad Hatter brings to the table!

Catch all the details of this Industrial Themed Alice in Wonderland Corporate Event below and do share with your family and friends. Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below. And be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with our latest events.

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