Hotel Collaboration: Outlandish Events X The Royal Livingstone by Anantara Hotel

In the world of luxury travel and opulent getaways, my recent experience at The Royal Livingstone by Anantara in Victoria Falls stands as a testament to the epitome of grandeur. This 5-star haven, nestled amidst the stunning beauty of Victoria Falls, beckoned with an invitation that promised unparalleled luxury. As a seasoned lifestyle influencer in the realm of opulence and extravagance, I embarked on this journey with high expectations, and I can genuinely attest that this gem in the heart of Africa exceeded them all. When The Royal Livingstone by Anantara Hotel in Victoria Falls extended an invitation to me and my husband for a weekend getaway, little did I know that I was embarking on an extraordinary journey through luxury and natural wonder. My purpose was to conduct a site visit for potential wedding clients, but what I experienced was a testament to true luxury! I was truly honored to be invited to inspect this magnificent hotel as a potential location for wedding clients. The Royal Livingstone offers a setting that transcends imagination, making it a dream destination for couples seeking a wedding that blends luxury with the magic of the African wilderness.


@outlandishevents Dreams coming true at the @Royal Livingstone by Anantara Falls Zambia! 🦒🦓 A magical collab with giraffes and zebras as our witnesses 🌿🌅 Truly a perfect safari wedding destination. #SafariWeddingGoals #LuxuryAtItsFinest #OutlandishEventsMagic #outlandishevents #luxurywedding #destinationwedding #africanwedding #ishratjoosub ♬ Travel & Road Trip Background_Good Vibes, Refreshing / Off-Road, Touring, Drive, Bike, Holiday, Vacation(1326776) – Ney

A Royal Welcome to Paradise

Our adventure commenced with a welcome that could only be described as regal. Arriving in Zimbabwe, we were met by a courteous chauffeur who greeted us with chilled towels and an array of refreshing drinks. His seamless navigation through the Zimbabwe and Zambia borders made the transition effortless, setting the tone for a journey where every detail was meticulously orchestrated. As we crossed the iconic Victoria Falls bridge, the sight of the magnificent gorge against the backdrop of the Zambezi River left an indelible mark on our senses. Our arrival at the hotel was accompanied by a traditional welcome song and dance, a prelude to the lavish experience that awaited. Sipping on hibiscus iced tea while zebras roamed freely against the mesmerizing Zambezi River served as a captivating prologue to the opulence that awaited.

A Suite Fit for Royalty

Our opulent abode, gracefully perched along the Zambezi River, epitomized luxury. The suite was a sanctuary of lavishness, adorned with intricate details designed to cater to our every desire. The pièce de résistance was undoubtedly the pillow menu, which allowed for a personalized level of comfort and ensured a restful night’s sleep which we needed badly as we were still recovering from our trip from Thailand and Hong Kong arriving just 4 days before having to depart again to Zambia.

Culinary Marvels and Serendipitous Encounters

Dining at the Old Drift restaurant was a gastronomic journey that spanned the globe. While my Indian heritage often yearns for the heat of spices, the diverse menu delighted my palate with a symphony of flavors. Yet, what truly made this dining experience unforgettable was an uninvited guest—a friendly giraffe that sauntered by, transforming an ordinary meal into an extraordinary memory.

A Wedding Wonderland in the Heart of Africa

Beyond a luxurious retreat, my visit served as an exploration of The Royal Livingstone‘s potential as the ultimate destination wedding venue in Africa. The setting, framed by the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls, is an absolute marvel. The hotel’s array of venues opens up endless possibilities for couples seeking a multi-day celebration that fuses opulence with the allure of the African wilderness.

Imagine a welcome reception on the lush poolside lawns, where your guests can bask in the tranquility of their surroundings while marveling at the native wildlife. Picture your ceremony hosted on the elegant jetty, with guests seated atop, gazing out at the Zambezi River as it flows gracefully by. For your enchanting reception, choose between the transparent allure of a glass marquee or the classic charm of one of Avani’s banquet rooms. As the grand finale, imagine bidding farewell in style at The Royal Sundeck, where the mists of Victoria Falls dance in the backdrop, and the Zambezi River plays host to graceful hippos and crocodiles. This is the very essence of luxury—a wedding dream that seamlessly blends indulgence with the magic of the African wilderness.

Two Luxurious Worlds

While The Royal Livingstone exudes tranquility, its sister property, The Avani, offers a vibrant and colorful atmosphere. The Avani’s banquet rooms pay homage to African and Moroccan themes, while the hotel rooms exude Moroccan elegance. Having the privilege of experiencing both hotels was a journey that underscored the versatility of luxury. The Avani offered us a complimentary stay in their presidential suite.

A Spa Retreat for the Senses

The Royal Livingstone’s serenity extended to its spa, where we indulged in massages by the Zambezi River. The serene huts overlooking the river provided the perfect backdrop for relaxation, a place where we could truly rejuvenate both body and soul.

A Cultural Feast at The Boma

Our dining experience at The Boma, a cultural village, was nothing short of extraordinary. The traditional braai meal, complete with coveted jollof rice, was a sensory delight. My African clients often requests Jollof rice on their menu and I was delighted that I could finally try it! The Boma Dining presented a cultural experience that transported us into the heart of African heritage. With storytelling, basket weaving, bone-throwing fortune-telling, face painting, interactive drumming, and live entertainment, it was a night that etched the rich tapestry of African culture into our memories.

A Private Breakfast on the Jetty

Breakfast, a lavish affair, surpassed any I had experienced before in South Africa or abroad. One of the most memorable moments of our sojourn was a private breakfast on the jetty, situated right atop the Zambezi River. The jetty, a long wooden walkway culminating in a wider area where guests can embark on boats, provided a truly unique setting. A dedicated butler attended to us, presenting a delightful spread of croissants, scones, fruits, cheese, and crackers. The pièce de résistance was a perfectly crafted omelette and aromatic coffee. We were served with the grace and precision befitting royalty, a moment that etched itself as one of pure luxury. You can view more on my instagram link.

A Stroll to the Wonder of Victoria Falls

The Royal Livingstone’s location allowed for a leisurely 15-minute stroll to Victoria Falls. Along the way, we were graced with the presence of zebras, giraffes, springboks, and baboons, creating an enchanting journey that was as memorable as the destination itself.

A Slice of High Tea History

We savored a Royal high tea with traditional delights, learning the fascinating history of afternoon tea. It was a delightful experience steeped in tradition and elegance. The history of high teas dates back to 1840 when Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, introduced the concept. As she became hungry around four o’clock in the afternoon, she initiated the tradition of having a tray of tea, bread and butter, and cake brought to her room during the late afternoon. This evolved into a fashionable social event in the 1880s, where upper-class women dressed in long gowns, gloves, and hats for their afternoon tea, typically served between four and five o’clock. The sandwich was invented by a person named Sandwich, when he decided to put filling between two slices of bread! Who would have thought!

Romantic Dining Beneath the African Sky

On our last evening, we were treated to a romantic dining experience beneath the giant Monkey tree on the banks of the Zambezi River, curated by a private chef. Lanterns illuminated our path to a beautifully decorated table for two, where we savored a five-course meal that spanned Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean. We toasted to our love and celebrated a decade of Outlandish Events. The impeccable service elevated the evening into a truly magical affair, a memory that we will forever cherish.

A Grand Farewell and a Promise to Return

Our last night in the Moroccan-themed presidential suite at Avani was nothing short of luxurious. Reluctantly, we bid farewell to this majestic place, knowing that we would return soon to relive these cherished memories. The Royal Livingstone by Anantara is not just a luxurious getaway; it’s the ultimate destination wedding location in Africa for those who adore the thrill of wildlife and the great outdoors.

The blend of opulence, natural beauty, and the African wilderness makes it a haven for couples seeking a wedding that’s both lavish and adventurous. The Zambezi River and Victoria Falls provide a stunning backdrop for your special day, and the hotel’s various venues offer endless possibilities for your ceremony, reception, and all the celebrations in between. The Royal Livingstone by Anantara is the epitome of luxury, a dream come true for couples who desire a wedding that combines indulgence with the wonders of the African wilderness.

The Royal Livingstone by Anantara in Victoria Falls, Zambia, offers an unparalleled wedding experience, where luxury meets nature in perfect harmony. It’s not just a destination; it’s a romantic journey that will forever hold a special place in your hearts. We eagerly anticipate our return to this enchanting haven, and we encourage all wildlife enthusiasts and lovers of luxury to explore this extraordinary venue for their dream wedding.

Book your luxury wedding with Outlandish Events

As the allure of The Royal Livingstone by Anantara Hotel in Victoria Falls casts its enchantment on couples seeking the perfect destination wedding, many are entrusting the expertise of Outlandish Events as their chosen wedding planner. Renowned for curating extraordinary events that exceed even the loftiest of expectations, Outlandish Events brings a touch of magic and meticulous attention to detail to every celebration. With a deep understanding of the unique charm and grandeur that Victoria Falls offers, we transform dreams into reality against the backdrop of this natural wonder. Couples who choose The Royal Livingstone for their special day are in the capable hands of Outlandish Events, ensuring that their wedding is not only a celebration of love but a masterpiece of opulence, elegance, and unforgettable moments. To book your high-end luxury wedding with Outlandish Events at the Royal Livingstone by Anantara, drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your special day +27 76 040 0487

Hotel Collaboration: Outlandish Events X The Royal Livingstone by Anantara Hotel