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Home Celebration & Photoshoot: Tangled

I am sure you all know this amazing client of mine who is always planning gorgeous parties for her kids and husband. I am sure you will all spot her familiar face in the images below! Well, due to the Covid19 pandemic, we were unable to have a big lavish do as we do every other year for Kevara’s birthday. This year, my client and I had to settle for a very intimate home celebration and photoshoot to mark the occasion. Kevara has been crushing on Rapunzel lately so her mom decided to surprise her with a Tangled themed home celebration and photoshoot.

I absolutely love our balloon garland with the plait – as always when doing a classic theme, we try to steer away from creating a kitch party. Playing with colours is extremely important and needs time and planning. For this Tangled 5th Birthday Party Home Celebration and Photoshoot, we decided to work with different shades of purple to create a classy effect. We also wanted the yellow without it looking tacky so instead we did a yellow plait from the top to the bottom of our balloon garland. I absolutely loved the effect this has created perfectly capturing the concept of this home celebration and photoshoot.

The cake and other edibles looked absolutely stunning. My amazing baker did full justice to that Rapunzel Tower ๐Ÿ™‚ Visit our instagram stories to see this little girl’s reaction to this setup – priceless!

To enlist our home celebration and photoshoot services, pop us a mail at ishrat@Outlandishevents.co.za or call + 27 76 040 0487 – Don’t let your special occasion go uncelebrated!

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