As we all get back into the last season of Game Of Thrones, I felt it would only be appropriate to share this Game Of Thrones inspired 40th Birthday Party I styled last year for one of my many amazing clients.

Being a die hard fan of Game Of Thrones (and dealing with the fact that it’s the last ever season of GOT) I was only to happy to style this event when my client approached me. It would be a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband so on we went to secretly plan this big day for him.

As per my signature styling, I love to create an authentic atmosphere at all my themed parties. I love taking people back to a different era or country all in one night. So give me one night and I will make it the most memorable ever for you and your guests. My wonderful clients will gladly attest to that.

Game Of Thrones Inspired 40th Birthday Party Details

So, once the venue was found, we jumped straight into the food and decor elements. The venue of choice was a hall in Linbro Park because it created the medieval atmosphere my client and I were aiming for. So it didn’t need to be a fancy venue, we were happy with face brick wall and a blank canvas! When a planner can create such an atmosphere then you know you have a great planner! Ahem!

For starters, we opted for a grazing table laid out on wooden barrels and top. A variety of canapés, fruits and cheeses were available for the guests to nibble on while we await the arrival of the husband. For the main meal, a spit braai would only be appropriate sticking to the the rustic medieval theme fit for any queen or commoner!

One of the best part of this Game of Thrones inspired 40th birthday party was that all the guests were in character. They went all out to dress up and it just added to the whole ambience.

Game Of Thrones Inspired 40th Birthday Party Decor

Table setting option we opted for were long tables with lots of candles and silverware. I wish I had more images of this set up! It looked amazing and like a scene out of Game of Thrones!! We did manage to create a fire at one of the tables by accident as one of the candles were to close to the moss.. talk of added effect!

For the dessert table, again we had everything displayed on wooden barrels and top. The cake was out of this world! I hope the images do justice below!

I always save the best for last and our entrance was nothing short of epic. We created a red carpet area with stark trees and knights.. Snow had to be part of this and it was amazing. I think we pulled if off beautifully. I suggest having a look at our Instagram page for all the stories of this event. Because if you don’t you are really missing out at what we can do for you!

Client Review:

“Thank you for an amazing function! You really did a great job and my husband was so impressed! You made my life so much easier and you were a pleasure to work with.” Ah