Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping warm in this freezing cold weather. It has been very difficult to resist the urge of curling up on the couch and in front of the heater, watching movies all day. Although in Level 3 lockdown in South Africa, Outlandish Events have been styling some gorgeous and intimate home celebrations for our clients. Today we are sharing with you this fun Dr Seuss Party at Home Celebration.

This Dr Seuss party at home celebration was off the hook – Dr Seuss has always been one of my favourite parties to style and also, my kids all time favourite book. We can’t help being in stitches when we read the Dr Seuss books together. This Home Celebration was actually supposed to be a lavish combined first and tenth birthday celebration with all the bells and whistles. My client was kind enough to not cancel her event when the pandemic hit the South African shores. Instead she opted for an at home celebration and got her kids friends to join in via a Zoom invite.

We miss creating lavish and luxurious celebrations for our couples, kids and other individuals but I do believe we will celebrate again. This Dr Seuss Party at Home Celebrations was so much fun to style. With this theme, there’s a fine line between tacky and classy. I had to ensure that that fine line was quite distinctive. I am proud of what we have created here and also, what made all this worthwhile, were the smiles and happiness on both my client and their kids’ faces. Except for one year old Vuyo who was a bit crabby on the day but nevertheless we managed to capture some gorgeous images.

Dr Seuss Party At Home Celebration

To book your home celebration, simply drop us an email here. For this Dr Seuss Home Celebration, we first created a photoshoot set up and the shoot was done by our amazing in house Photographer Noir Blanc Photography. Once the shoot was done, we incorporated a second backdrop in front of our balloon wall to create a different set up for our 10 year old to have her Virtual Zoom Party.