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12 09, 2023

Hotel Collaboration: Outlandish Events X The Royal Livingstone by Anantara Hotel

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In the world of luxury travel and opulent getaways, my recent experience at The Royal Livingstone by Anantara in Victoria Falls stands as a testament to the epitome of grandeur. This 5-star haven, nestled amidst the stunning beauty of Victoria Falls, beckoned with an invitation that promised unparalleled luxury. As a seasoned lifestyle influencer in the realm of opulence and extravagance, I embarked on this journey with high expectations, and I can genuinely attest that this gem in the heart of Africa exceeded them all. When The Royal Livingstone by Anantara Hotel in Victoria Falls extended an invitation to me [...]

19 07, 2023

Sharon’s 47th Birthday + 10-year Company Anniversary

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  Sharon, an amazing soul known for her kind and generous nature, recently marked two significant milestones in her life—a milestone 47th birthday and a momentous 10-year anniversary of her company. Embodying her love for people from all walks of life, Sharon decided to bring together her diverse group of guests for a unique social event that combined her birthday and company celebration into one grand affair. To curate this unforgettable experience, Sharon entrusted the event planning to the creative minds of Outlandish Events, a premier event management company. The theme of the evening? Boho Luxe—a perfect reflection of Sharon's [...]

5 07, 2023

Peach & Grey Home Dedication

By |2023-07-03T14:32:20+02:00July 5th, 2023|Anniversary, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Blog, Corporate Events, Decor, Destination Weddings, Engagement Party, Event Production, Gallery, Parties, Special Ocassions|0 Comments

There's something truly magical about moving into a brand new home, especially one that has been built from scratch. The excitement of creating a space that reflects your unique style and taste is unparalleled. Recently, Outlandish Events had the privilege of organizing a home dedication for a wonderful couple who embarked on this incredible journey. With a delightful color palette of peach and grey, Outlandish Events created a memorable celebration that perfectly complemented the couple's new abode. Setting the Tone with Peach and Grey The color palette chosen for this event, peach and grey, set the perfect tone for the [...]

24 05, 2023

150 Years Corporate Anniversary

By |2023-05-25T11:59:09+02:00May 24th, 2023|Anniversary, Blog, Corporate Events, Event Production, Gallery, Parties, Themed Events|0 Comments

  Atlas Copco, the Swedish industrial giant, recently celebrated a momentous milestone: its 150-year corporate anniversary in South Africa. Founded in Stockholm in 1873, the company has been driving development and delivering breakthrough innovations to customers in many different industries for a century and a half. And to commemorate this historic occasion, Atlas Copco enlisted the help of Outlandish Events, a leading event planning and management firm, to create an unforgettable celebration that would honor its past, present, and future. The celebration, which was live-streamed globally, featured a panel discussion, an exhibition area showcasing some of Atlas Copco's most groundbreaking [...]

17 05, 2023

Luxurious Wedding Celebration C & E

By |2023-04-25T09:39:47+02:00May 17th, 2023|Anniversary, Blog, Destination Weddings, Event Production, Gallery, International Brides, Luxury Weddings, Wedding|0 Comments

Welcome to the story of the Luxurious Wedding Celebration C & E attended by over 500 guests, including both Zambian diplomats and South African diplomats and ministers. The grand event took place at the iconic Sandton Convention Centre, and it was an incredible feat to pull off, as Outlandish Events styled, designed, planned, managed and flawlessly executed this luxury wedding in just three days! The venue was transformed into a magnificent space, draped in white with white gloss flooring that shimmered under the sparkling lights. The bridal stage was designed to perfection, and the bare tables were adorned with gold and [...]

10 05, 2023

Luxurious Hangar 40th Birthday Party

By |2023-05-10T10:47:52+02:00May 10th, 2023|Anniversary, Birthdays, Blog, Cakes, Decor, Destination Weddings, Event Production, Gallery|0 Comments

This exquisite and long-standing patron of mine is an unequivocal icon in every sense of the word, and whilst we shall set aside the fact that she once purloined my concept of hosting my 40th birthday celebration in a hangar in the years to come, I must express that collaborating with Aseema is nothing short of wondrous. We always endeavor to conceive of new and distinct themes and chromatic schemes for each occasion, ensuring that the "wow factor" is consistently present. On this particular occasion, we sought to make an unprecedented impact and therefore, by way of introducing a [...]

3 05, 2023

Boho Luxe 40th Birthday Celebration

By |2023-04-24T13:12:46+02:00May 3rd, 2023|Anniversary, Birthdays, Blog, Decor, Engagement Party, Event Production, Favours, Gallery, Parties, Special Ocassions|0 Comments

Working with Tinashe and Yogi on their joint Boho Luxe 40th birthday celebration was an absolute pleasure. What made it even more special was the fact that Tinashe and I shared the same birthday, which was on August 17th. Tinashe and Yogi were both amazing clients who placed their trust in us completely. We provided a full event management service which included welcoming guests with delicious canapés, followed by a scrumptious braai paired with bespoke desserts. As part of the canapés served to guests upon arrival, we included some delicious samoosas and bunny chows to celebrate Yogi's Indian heritage. The [...]

29 03, 2023

Makentse’s All White 40th Birthday Soirée

By |2023-03-07T14:54:25+02:00March 29th, 2023|Anniversary, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Blog, Cakes, Decor, Destination Weddings, Engagement Party, Event Production, Gallery, Luxury Weddings, Parties, Special Ocassions|0 Comments

Makentse's All White 40th Birthday Soiree took place in December 2022 - one of our last events of 2022 and it was madness! People would not allow us to close for the year. The requests kept coming in and we had no choice but to sadly turn down events. However I could not say no to Makentse. It was an epic all white 40th birthday celebration and I was excited to take it on. Makentse wanted lots of white flowers. The vision for the table setting was all white with a touch of black. We created two long white tables [...]

15 03, 2023

The Red Wedding – K & K

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I had to dub this luxurious high end wedding the Red Wedding - It was simply too gorgeous and I love how the colours worked so well together. Working with red for an event can often come out as tacky so it was of great importance to ensure that the right colour combination was used with the passionate red to ensure that it was classy and elegant. So we paired the red with gold and it was simply magic! We opted to do two types of tables - White rectangle tables with gold legs and round tables with gold tablecloths. [...]

12 01, 2022

Sage, Blush and Nude 40th Birthday Soirée

By |2022-01-04T12:30:24+02:00January 12th, 2022|Anniversary, Birthdays, Blog, Decor, Engagement Party, Event Production, Gallery, Luxury Weddings, Parties, Special Ocassions, Themed Events, Wedding|0 Comments

This Sage, Blush and Nude 40th Birthday Soirée was simply epic - I love it when my clients give me full creative freedom and trust me to do my thing. My client was simply blown away when she walked in the venue.  We have been planning this party for months and the outcome of this 40th Birthday Party was simply outstanding. Sage, Blush and Nude 40th Birthday Soirée - Decor Details My client simply wanted this day to be spectacular with all the bells and whistles. We booked one of our top venues in Sandton which includes accommodation [...]

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