When looking for inspiration for your wedding, luxury boho-chic is one of the most on-trend themes right now. I love this theme as it’s so beautiful and there are so many ways to really personalise it for your big day. If you’re a groom or bride-to-be planning your ceremony around this theme, take a look at my ideas for how to make this rustic style your own.

Flower power

Flowers play a huge part in a boho wedding. It’s not just the bouquet but also the decorations and hair accessories that embrace florals. You’ll want lots of vases of fresh flowers around your venue. Use what’s in season, and take advice from your florist, but there are certain varieties that work particularly well with this rustic vibe. Think wild flowers in pastel shades – you’ll want it to look like you’ve scooped up a meadow on a country walk.

A fantastic way to keep flowers fresh for longer is to add a few drops of bleach in the water. This provides proper nourishment for the plant, as it reduces the proliferation of bacteria. So if you want to keep your flowers fresh and last longer during the entire wedding ceremony and reception, you can add ¼ tsp of bleach per litre of water. Read up on bleach stain removal beforehand, just in case any there are any little accidents.

Dreamy dress code

Those flowers will be important in the bridal party’s hair accessories too. Floral head crowns are very much a part of this style of ceremony. As well as flowers being key in a boho wedding, so too is lace. Boho bridal gowns tend to be very intricate and delicate with lace details, but they’re definitely not structured and formal. They’re flowing and relaxed, and often are vintage finds (or at least look that way!). Boho grooms typically opt for more relaxed fashion too. Rather than a black tux and bow tie, boho grooms wear linen suits in lighter colours, often with the collar unbuttoned.


Boho Chic Inspired Wedding

Lovely locations

Many boho weddings include lace details in the décor and table setting as well as the bridal fashion. You can add lace in the form of doilies as place mats and lace bunting hanging from the beams. The key for the location is to opt for something with a rustic feel, so a country setting for the ceremony and reception is ideal. Many couples have used converted barns, fields and farmhouse locations for boho weddings.

Matching music

As already shown, a boho-inspired wedding is very relaxed, so the music should match that atmosphere. Nothing too formal, or edgy, or classical. Retro tunes and swing music are the perfect choice, whether you’re opting for a live band or a DJ. There are many wonderful duos that offer this style of live music, or if you’re going for recorded music you’ll want to find someone with a great collection of vinyl tunes from the 1920s to 1940s.

I hope that these ideas have given you plenty of inspiration to organise your beautiful boho wedding. Alternatively pop us an email and we can get planning and relieve the stress that comes with wedding planning so you can have a wonderful wedding day!

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