Let’s get real – I don’t know about you guys, but this covid 19 pandemic has sucked out all the positivity from me. We have been trying to be strong and positive since March 2020 and a year later, the situation does not look any hopeful. When cases increase, the event industry is the first to be shut down. So far we have been without an income for 10 months or so since the start of this pandemic. Many businesses both in this industry and out, have already shut their doors permanently. With each wave, we ask ourselves, what will remain and what will be lost. Health, Finances, Businesses or a loved one, for many, its loved ones if not everything.

Our heart goes out to all our followers and clients who have lost loved ones during this pandemic. Like so many of you out there, we have also lost a beloved family member to covid. My husband’s grandfather and my kids’ great grandfather. Prior to that, my father in law was tested positive. In the same week, both my parents tested positive. A week later, my husband tested positive too. I am lucky to say all these people survived it as much as it was an uphill battle for everyone. I can’t say it was the worst three weeks of our lives as this past year and a half has simply been a nightmare.

To be honest, what keeps me going is planning weddings and events. That’s my only source of strength and positivity. It is what keeps me moving forward and hoping for the best. I have spoken to a lot of people this past week regarding the emotional toll Covid has had on our mental health. Almost all people I have spoken to has told me how they are tired of remaining positive and strong for their families. They have told me how badly Covid has affected their businesses etc.  It’s been tears and fears about what’s to come. All these people are all failing to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With everything else going on in the world, it is difficult to foresee how this will all end.

Right now, my hope lies in the vaccine. I am aware of the challenges we face as a country in terms of getting vaccinated but I will be getting vaccinated as soon as I can register on the 1st September. By choosing to get vaccinated, it’s a glimmer of hope for a return to our old normal. I don’t like this new normal and I don’t know if there will ever be the old normal, but I will be responsible enough to get vaccinated in order to move a step closer to a world where I can work freely and hang out with people without having to worry for the next 10 days whether I have contracted covid or not. I look forward to a world where we can have weddings and events freely and without restrictions. That’s the only hope I have.

Blush + Nude 40th Birthday Soiree

On that note, this blush + nude 40th birthday soiree was all sorts of amazing. My client has been a longtime instagram follower and have been looking forward to booking our services for her 40th birthday celebration. It’s really touching to meet people who have been following us for the longest time and made a mental note that they will be using our luxury event planning services for their next celebration. It’s a kind of feeling that I can’t explain!

Tam trusted me with every detail of her event – She wanted a rose gold theme but because it has been so overdone, I suggested we break the colour scheme up with blush and nude and a touch of rose gold.  She was not keen on having too many flowers on her table thus we kept the table setting simple. Our backdrop feature was crazy beautiful and we could not get enough of it. Outlandish Events also provided canapés for the welcome snacks as well as a sushi live station with our wonderful Sushi Chef amongst the many services that we provide.

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