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Alice in Wonderland 30th Birthday Party

It’s been too long since my last post… I know!! What can I say… 24 hours is just not doing it for me. So I got some free time tonight and thought I would write a quick post about our Alice In Wonderland 30th Birthday party we recently styled. If you are following me on Instagram (if not.. what are you waiting for? Click follow now!)  then you will most likely know that I was highly inspired by Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland movie. My client wanted a dark, moody and mysterious theme.. after all it’s an adult’s party so let’s bring it on!

Alice in Wonderland 30th Birthday Set Up

Being a night event, naturally my first thoughts were lights and smoke. I knew these two elements would play a vital role in my decor set up and the atmosphere I was aiming to achieve. This event was slightly different from the others that we styled. It was quite informal so there was no need for any table set up – instead we had two feature table, one for dessert and one for savoury. With that, we designed two backdrops. To completely achieve our dark and mysterious atmosphere, we opted to use two scenes from the movie to form our backdrop. That definitely finished off our tables to perfection.

The decor on the tables consisted of a variety of unusual items. Giant paper flowers were strategically placed around the tables. Topiaries formed a vital part of any Alice in Wonderland set up; be it adult or a kid’s birthday party. Silverware was used for plating of the delicious foods and desserts. It was all in the little details, that’s one thing you have been sure to pick up with Outlandish Events if you are a regular reader of our blogs. We had little potion bottles made with drink me labels designed by Outlandish Events. Pocket watches can be spotted too along with some tiny little golden frames. Melted candlesticks and gorgeous porcelain teacups and saucers wonderfully suited the theme.

Welcome drinks were served in lightbulbs. A variety of frames were hung from the ceiling. Basically we created several little decor areas where guests could chill and enjoy the party. Guests were welcomed to giant soldier playing cards lined in the entrance area. I always say no event is complete without some professional photos. You have to have something to look back on and since you are too busy socialising and enjoying the party, someone (professional) got to take the photos – so that after the hang over has passed, you can actually have a look at what you were really up to that night!

We had a green screen set up so guests could strike poses and the photos were edited to the scenes of Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland movie. Have a look, they are definitely hilarious but oh what fun it was! It’s definitely something to consider if you are having a big bash soon.

The venue was at the Google offices in Bryanston – I always thought Google has the best office space for it’s staff. And this venue was absolutely perfect for this theme. I loved the brick walls, pipes displayed on the walls amongst many other things. So this venue choice was quite appropriate and the interior contributed positively to the set up of this event.

That’s it for this Alice in Wonderland 30th Birthday Party post. Did I mention that this was a surprise party therefore my client’s partner had no idea what he was up to. Secret meetings, emails, Whatsapp messages and lots of planning, we pulled this event off beautifully! We do have a video of this party on our Instagram page and Facebook page – if you follow us on our social media, you get to see some really cool behind the scenes moments!



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