I was completely blown away by Akani’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party! The level of swag that was brought to the party was just out of this world. I swear I was at a Nicki Minaj party. All cool kids dressed in black with all their bling, fancy phones and designer accessories.

This just took me back to my own Sweet 16 Birthday Party – I really wish I had photos to show for it as it was the most basic party ever! I recall the theme being a character theme and all my classmates had to dress up in a character of my choice. I remember wearing a red dress as I was the Queen of Hearts (what was I thinking?!)

My own sweet 16 took place in my backyard whereas Akani’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party was at an upmarket venue / restaurant in Bryanston. There was definitely a birthday cake which I have no memory of what it looked like or that I even chose it. I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents got me a cake from Spar or something. Lol you read that right. I remember snacks and drinks being present too. For Akani’s Sweet 16, we had gourmet popcorn, a donut wall, candy bar and a wow birthday cake. The venue provided some delicious and mouth-watering canapés. Nothing short of fancyyyyy!

We booked our own photographer for at least 3 hours to ensure that Akani and her friends were at all times on camera. Not a moment missed. When she walked in the venue, Akani was greeted by all her friends in paparazzi / celebrity style. Phone cameras flashing and blinding the birthday girl but she enjoyed every moment. To top it all off, our amazing DJ played the latest hits for the cool kids to dance to. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B dominated the airspace.

I wish my Sweet 16 was so swag. The realisation that my own Sweet 16 was 17 years ago makes it a tad bit surreal. I am really enjoying my 30s and I will surely plan a birthday bash for myself to make up for that basic Sweet 16 party – the works guys! If I had a DJ and a photographer at my 16th birthday I would have been the coolest kid on the planet.

Before my 16th birthday party, the last party my parents had for me was when I was around 4 years old. At my 4th birthday party, I got into a cat fight with my cousin over the roses on the birthday cake. My parents were so disappointed in me that they vowed never to have a party for me again. A bit harsh I would say! They stuck to their words as my next party was when I turned 16. Now I am the party planner, mom and dad! I bring the party everywhere I go – drop mic & out.

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