It was really wonderful to meet Azeezah and Riyaaz for the first time. They wanted me to style their 10th Wedding Anniversary photo and video shoot. They were so in love even after 10 years of marriage. The spark was burning bright!! They wanted to really make this milestone anniversary a memory never to be forgotten. Azeezah had it all planned out in her head and she did most of the shopping for the shoot before I came onboard for this 10th Wedding Anniversary Styled Shoot.

The theme and venue for this 10th Wedding Anniversary Styled Shoot

Basically this 10th Wedding Anniversary Styled shoot was a remake of their wedding day. Azeezah got all done up just like any bride would do on their special day. Every little detail was caught on camera. Beautiful henna adorned her hands. The theme of the shoot was a Paris theme in Azeezah’s favourite colour.. Rose Gold. I thought my sister and I were rose gold addicts but not till I met Azeezah. The venue which the couple picked was The French Toast Koffie Kaffee in Hartebeespoort. Perfect venue if you are familiar with it. If you are not familiar with this place, it’s a really romantic and quaint replica of Paris. It boasts a 12.5m Eiffel tower, and the ‘I love you wall’ and even a lock bridge where you can seal your love forever.

The French Toast Coffee Cafe was built as the official ‘Bar’ in the film French Toast, which is in Montmartre, Paris, France playback, and it is known as Café Alexandre in the movie. A section of the building is allocated as a gallery which also appeared  in the movie and is now incorporated with the rest of the Coffee Cafe.  It creates a unique atmosphere to the movie set. The staffs were so friendly and helpful. I have not tasted their foods so have no idea about that but I am sure it must be amazing.

French Toast Coffee Café was used as the official premiere venue for the film French Toast. This is groundbreaking in the African film industry and sets a new benchmark for the production of films in South Africa.

Photoshoot / Videoshoot

I was tasked in setting up a table right in front of the Eiffel Tower for a romantic dinner for two. It was a perfect setting with the sunset in the background. The photos are gorgeous! My client was more OCD than me! Every little details were thought of very carefully, the positioning of each item were thoroughly discussed many times and on the day of the shoot, everything had to be laid out exactly as planned! The rain did threaten to ruin the day but luckily it cleared up and the beautiful blue sky surfaced again.

The table was laid with beautifully rose gold under-plates. Eiffel Towers played a vital role in the centerpieces. The cake, elevated on a mirror box, was actually the main centerpiece surrounded by pearls and flowers. No event is complete without cake! Ever!

Rose petals covered the pathway leading to the Eiffel Tower in the shape of a heart surrounded by candles. The end result was really gorgeous with the beautiful sunset painting the skies. The shoot really captured their special connection and love. I can’t think of a better way than to celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary!  I will let the photos do the rest of the talking as they are really breathtaking. I am so fortunate to be picked to style such a beautiful event.

Video Production by Duck Soup Productions.