HEE-HAA!! Line dancing, Mechanical Bull, good food and great company was what this Wild Wild West 40th Birthday Party all about. I am gonna skip straight to the decor part where Outlandish Events transformed the client’s patio area into a Wild Wild West movie set. We had wonderful Western props to work with. Western cowboy scene setters and a Saloon door prop which we used as the main entrance for the guests to enter through. Huge cut outs of cacti were placed all over the area. We created a bonfire section with hay-bales where guests could relax and socialize. Our decor set up included TNT trunks, wagon wheels, lasso poles etc.. Have a look at the awesome photos to get a feel of our magic!

We stayed away from our usual dessert table set up – for this Wild Wild West 40th Birthday Party, we used a Western cart to display some goodies and desserts. Cheeseboards were served for starters. We had a mobile bar set up for drinks to be served with waiters ready to serve all of the guests who came from far.. some all the way from London! For supper, the client opted for a braai meal where a variety of succulent meats and delicious salads were served.

Our western themed entertainment included line dancers who taught the guests a few moves. The mechanical bull was a huge hit with both adults and kids. Guests had so much fun with a digital photo booth where they could instantly print their photos.

Have a look at the photos and drop us a comment!

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