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We love Corporate Functions!

My passion for event planning all began when I was given the task of planning a launch party for Samsung during my career at a corporate company specializing in Call Centers. We got the contract to host some of Samsung’s call centers and I was asked by my manager at the time to plan the launch. Little did I know that the President of Samsung was going to be attending this launch all the way from Korea. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful little man but not much conversation took place because of the language barrier!!

The event was a huge success and soon after that I was planning the company’s year end functions, charity events , annual “red carpet” awards function and conferences. That is where I learnt all the tricks of the trade. My passion for event planning just bloomed from there. I met a lot of celebrities too which was always the most fun part of the job! I have had the pleasure of working with the likes of Jake White, Gareth Cliff, DJ Kent, Darren Simpson, Jason Hartman and many more names that I can’t remember unless I pull out the photos!

My experience in the corporate event planning extends from booking various celebrities, negotiation pricing, organizing entertainment, arranging thank you gifts and clients gifts and much more. What I also enjoyed a lot was the charity Christmas event we took part in every single year. We would buy Christmas gifts for an underprivileged day care in Soweto. The part I enjoyed the most for this charity project was the SHOPPING!! We would go to the biggest toy shop around and purchase a variety of toys for about 150 children! Exhausting but definitely fun! And what was the most dreaded part of this project you ask??? Well, let me get to it.. the wrapping of 150 gifts and the labeling whether the gift was for a boy or girl and ensuring the right age groups were marked too!! Now that I didn’t enjoy too much. However, the best moment of all were when we see these childrens’ faces lit up and the big smiles when they were given their gift. The gratefulness and thankfulness that I experienced from these children are a lesson to implement in my own life.

My last event before I resigned and decided to be my own boss, was a Foam Fest. It was a rocking party of around 700 people and it was a huge success!! We had a stage built just like at a top notch concert. DJ Kent pumped up the music and the crowd went wild. The reviews that came in from the staff members and directors were off the hook. We received comments like “they have never been to a year end function this cool” from people that have been in the corporate world for years! And that’s how I knew I left with a bang!

Below are some photos of some of the corporate functions I have worked on during my career in the corporate world.



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