The vintage baby shower theme by Outlandish Events is what we call our Signature Theme. We have styled many baby showers with this theme before and there is just something in it that attracts a lot of my clients.. They all say it’s the classic elegance and I couldn’t agree more. So if you want a Vintage themed function, you now know that Outlandish Events does Vintage best! Brace yourself below with Outlandish Events signature themed event – Vintage baby shower…

Below are some gorgeous photos that I could not wait to share with my readers. Beautiful photography was shot by our in house photographer and her photos captured the beauty of this event perfectly. The venue that my client chose was really out of this world! I only have good things to say about this venue.. Romantic, enchanting, spectacular and definitely a WOW venue. Duck ‘n Dine did an outstanding job putting this venue together – all the little details were so well thought through. It’s really a magical spot for intimate functions. I urge all my readers, if you live in Pretoria North, then you have to check out this gorgeous and enchanting venue.

As for our decor set up, even though we did a lot of vintage baby showers previously, each one does look different! We always look for a twist in bringing our functions to life. With this particular vintage baby shower, the venue was a huge backdrop thus there was no need for a typical candy table with a backdrop. We placed the candy table in the center of the venue to capture the beauty of the surroundings. Our decor consisted of vintage books, mason jars, consol jars, bird cages and not forgetting pearls. Vintage teacups and teapots plays a vital role in our signature themed vintage baby shower.

Cakes and all other goodies were baked by our regular baker. Her work is outstanding and the attention to details is WOW. Macarons are such a tasty little treat that we cannot leave those delicious babies out and only the best in the business makes our delicious macarons. Divine savoury and meat platters were prepared by Shouneez. As always the taste is out of this world and she can be contacted on 083 609 4261 for future orders. The platters consisted of pies, sausage rolls, springrolls,  samoosas, wings, drumsticks, nuggets, kebabs, pita and wraps. They were deliciously wiped out by my client and her guests! Our welcome drinks were pink lemonade served in beautifully decorated bottles, also prepared by Shouneez and embellished by Outlandish Events.

Party favors which my client chose were Olive Trees as it represented life and there was no better way to express her gratitude to her guests by offering them a pot plant which symbolized new life. She wanted them to care for this plant and always remember this beautiful and special event in their lives.

My client loved the idea of a onesie decorating station and the guests loved it even more – I think the days of typical baby shower games are so cliche and gone! All the guests had a lovely and fun time decorating these growers with fabric paints and fabric markers. What a way for the mum to be to remember this special day in her life and a great memento for when the baby grows up! I am a person that always want a keepsake from memorable events in my life. I just want that piece of memento that will take me back down memory lane and make me nostalgic!!

All in all, Outlandish Events  signature themed event – the vintage baby shower was a very intimate and emotional day for the family and friends and it was an honour for Outlandish Events to make their day extra special. So don’t forget, if you want a vintage affair, Outlandish Events does it best!

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