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15 06, 2016

Outlandish Events Signature Themed Event – Vintage Baby Shower

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The vintage baby shower theme by Outlandish Events is what we call our Signature Theme. We have styled many baby showers with this theme before and there is just something in it that attracts a lot of my clients.. They all say it's the classic elegance and I couldn't agree more. So if you want a Vintage themed function, you now know that Outlandish Events does Vintage best! Brace yourself below with Outlandish Events signature themed event - Vintage baby shower... Below are some gorgeous photos that I could not wait to share with my readers. Beautiful photography was shot [...]

9 06, 2016

Chanel Chic Baby Shower

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It is always an honour when high-profile clients appreciate our work and ask us to style their function. However, with this client, it was an extra special honour to style her baby shower as the Tambo family played such a vital role in putting an end to the apartheid regime in South Africa. Theodora Tambo was such a lovely person to work with. The fact that we were both on the same page as to how the function should be was an absolute ease! Theodora was just as particular as I was and attention to details were of utmost importance. We [...]

30 03, 2016

21st Masquerade Party styled by Outlandish Events

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21st Masquerade Party styled by Outlandish Events - First thing I thought when my client approached me to style her Masquerade 21st birthday party was YAY!! Phantom of the Opera!! My client was such a lovely and humble young lady who was so excited about her 21st birthday she booked me five months in advance!! This 21st Masquerade party styled by Outlandish Events was such a pleasure to put together. The colour scheme my client and I decided on was white and gold as we were aiming for something elegant. The guests were to be dressed in formal attire i.e [...]

27 02, 2016

Rustic 1st Birthday Party by Outlandish Events

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We are honoured and humbled when a client approaches us to do a function for them for the reason that we are outlandish in our party styling!! The clients I work with are always looking for something that is different yet elegant. It was no different with this client who wanted Outlandish Events to style her beautiful daughter's first birthday party. Her only specification was that she absolutely does not want a princess party or anything that is Disney related! My feelings were mutual too as Outlandish Events are party styling specialists in unique birthday parties which means that the functions we create [...]

9 12, 2015

Hawaiian 30th Birthday by Outlandish Events

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For my client's 30th birthday, she approached Outlandish Events to do the decor set up for a Hawaiian themed birthday party. My client was very simple and did not want much - All she wanted was some colors to brighten the place and a Hawaiian feel throughout the garden. Outlandish Events made use of tiki torches, hula skirts, and lots of flowers to achieve what my client was looking for. We had colorful bean bags laid out on the lawn and Chinese lanterns added to the decor. The bamboo just finished off the look we wanted!! This time around, Outlandish [...]

11 11, 2015

Vintage High Tea Baby Shower by Outlandish Events

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Vintage.. High Tea.. Baby Shower.. All sounds like an event that Outlandish Events would love to style! My client left all the decor set up and decisions in my hands as long as it was not "too blue"! So Outlandish Events chose a subtle color palette that included several tones of soft colors  to ensure a vintage feel and look is achieved right through the function. Our decor set up included a variety of flowers placed in odd items such as tea pots, cups and saucers etc.. Pearls, candles and vintage books were the finishing touches. Our Hessian runners with [...]

12 10, 2015

Vintage Up Up and Away 1st Birthday Party by Outlandish Events

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Handmade hot air balloons, propeller planes, hot air balloon shaped cookies, vintage parcel thank you gifts... That's our vintage up up and away birthday party. I have been wanting to style a party like this for a while and finally I got the chance! My client's son was turning one and what better way to celebrate! Travelling was part of the theme thus we had a world map backdrop which tied our theme quite nicely together. Our thank you gifts were party boxes filled with yummy goodies and wrapped in brown paper to resemble vintage parcels. We went as far [...]

1 10, 2015

We love Corporate Functions!

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My passion for event planning all began when I was given the task of planning a launch party for Samsung during my career at a corporate company specializing in Call Centers. We got the contract to host some of Samsung's call centers and I was asked by my manager at the time to plan the launch. Little did I know that the President of Samsung was going to be attending this launch all the way from Korea. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful little man but not much conversation took place because of the language barrier!! The event [...]

14 09, 2015

Royal Princess Dinner by Outlandish Events

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Outlandish Events had the honor to plan a previous client's baby's welcome dinner for the family. The theme was Royal Princess with gold and cerise pink being the color schemes. It was a small and intimate event thus we kept everything simple. The photos below will show some of the decor set up that Outlandish Events put together and we put that together in one week which was so crazy but we did it! We did face some challenges but it all came together beautifully. The photos are low quality though but you can still see the details in our work! [...]

21 07, 2015

Paris Themed Baby Shower by Outlandish Events

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OOh la la, when it comes to Paris and anything French related I simply can't resist! So when my client approached me to plan her Paris Themed Baby Shower, there was no way that I could say no although her baby shower was right in the middle of Ramadaan. My client loves black and white stripes so we had our colour scheme right from the word get go! With a dash of pink and some elements of vintage, we were ready to bring down the house! I always believe that you meet certain people for a reason and the same with [...]