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Our Vintage Affair continues…

So the Vintage Affair continues..

Just a quick post on our Vintage Themed Cake Table. As per our previous blog posts, the vintage theme is Outlandish Events’ signature theme. With our Moroccan Iftaar party uploaded on our blog a few weeks ago, my client requested a vintage cake table to be set up for her mom as it was her 70th birthday. They wanted to treat her to something special and my client wanted the birthday cakes to be beautifully displayed in our Signature Theme.

Let’s not forget that we had four days to plan the Moroccan Party and added to that was the Vintage Cake Table. Well, Outlandish Events only rose to the challenge! We beautifully styled the cake table with mason jars wrapped in old-school music notes. To break the vintage contrast, we added some silverware and pearls. We used old books wrapped in worn out paper for some height. An old fashioned kitchen scale was used to display the main cake. Gorgeous fresh flowers finished off our display.

Can you spot our old school iron? That iron weighed a few kilos, not sure how anyone ironed with this back in the day without breaking their fingers! However, this rusted old school iron is still a beauty in today’s modern times. I love old. In today’s fast paced, technology crazed and materialistic overload world, old is fresh. Old is new. Old is beautiful. Like the saying goes.. Old is Gold!

Let’s Eat Cake…

As for the cakes, they were beautifully decorated by I love cake by Mehnaz. She did an outstanding job and it’s hard to believe that the book is actually an edible cake. The details on the second cake with the crown is just as marvelous. Yes the mom was spoilt to two gorgeous cakes and why not? Turning 70 is definitely a memorable occasion and the more cake the better!

If you are looking for a Vintage event set-up, don’t forget that Outlandish Events does vintage best!


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