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A Lavish Moroccan Iftaar Party

Usually we plan a function 2 – 3 months in advance… However with this lavish Moroccan Iftaar Party.. We had four days to put it together! Yes you heard right! Four days! At first I was reluctant on taking this function as I did not want the tiny time frame to impact on the quality of my services, however my baker convinced me otherwise. She insisted that I do this function as she was doing the cakes and she didn’t want me to disappoint this longstanding client of hers by saying no.. So based on her word and convincing, I said yes!

The reason I was only contacted four days before the function was because the client initially was planning on setting up her function herself. But when she came across my website and previous event styling photos, she thought she would pass on the work to me instead! Well.. So much to plan and so little time. Outlandish Events had to arrange everything from start to finish. Stretch tents, table and chairs, decor, food, desserts, lighting etc.. As challenging as it was, I have to pat my team and I on the back for an outstanding job.

The details…

This lavish Moroccan Iftaar Party styled by Outlandish Events turned out fabulous.We captured the true essence of a Moroccan night. If you are unfamiliar with “iftaar”, it is the breaking of the fast during the month of Ramadaan for Muslims across the globe.

The food was delicious and consisted of an array of Moroccan dishes. Slow-cooked deboned leg of lamb in herbs served with Tzatziki and Babaganoush, Sheesh Kebab, Chicken Tagine and Harissa Hot Wings to name a few. A spicy chickpea soup was served for starters and  a Chaat Station was set up to break the fast. A Chaat Station is a jumble of flavors and textures: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, crunchy, soft, nutty, fried and flaky tidbits, doused with cool yogurt, fresh cilantro and tangy tamarind and sprinkled with chaat masala, a spice mixture which is tasty and hot. As a lover of food,  this menu got my tummy grumbling! For desserts, we had a variety of cheesecakes, Mille feuilles, Brownies etc.. which was mouth-watering!

The Moroccan Decor…

The favorite part of any function for me is the decor set-up. We used a variety of Moroccan lanterns ranging in different sizes and designs. Long, tall, wide, short.. they were all there. Gold candelabra with colorful candles brought out the Moroccan night. We played with a lot of candles in different sizes and colors as it was a night event and what better way to set up the right atmosphere! We also set up a Hookah Lounge  with a variety of Hookah Pipes for some entertainment and socializing.

Flowers were chosen by my wonderful husband! We went with bright coloured Gerberas and Carnations.. Outlandish Events did all the flower arranging. We had a variety of bright coloured vases on the tables with these gorgeous flowers beautifully displayed in them. The bright colored flowers brought together the Moroccan feel we were aiming to create. Our base color was gold so we had the table laid with gold tablecloths and gold Tiffany chairs were naturally fitted for the theme. Gold underplates and colorful napkins added the finishing touches. Purple lights set the tone for the evening.

Little personalized jars of honey and prayer beads were placed on each plate for the guests to take away.

Aside from this lavish Moroccan Iftaar Party styled by Outlandish Events, it was my client’s mom’s 70th birthday on that same day. So she also requested that I set up a Vintage Dessert Table as an after-dinner surprise for her mom.. Bear in mind, I only had four days to pull this together! We did set up the vintage table for her mom and that was also loved and enjoyed by all. We will post the photos of that table in a different posts soon.

I will let the photos do the rest of the talking – leave us with your thoughts in the comments section. We would love to hear from our readers!

Photography credits goes to Miss Marshall Photography. She beautifully captured the Moroccan colours and the atmosphere Outlandish Events aimed to create.



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