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Harry Potter 10th Birthday Party

This Harry Potter 10th Birthday Party took me way back to my school days when the first Harry Potter novel was launched. I remember having a class mate who was and still is a die-hard Harry Potter fan and borrowing the book from her for a read. I was hooked and finished the book in a couple of days… Life happened and I never got to read another Harry Potter book again. Part of my research for this event was to catch up with Harry Potter and the crew. So I am ashamed to say that instead of reading the books, I opted for the movies. (I am ashamed because I love to read but there was no way I could finish all the books in a few weeks!!) So my kids and I cuddled up during the December holidays and we had a Harry Potter marathon.

I absolutely loved every minute of styling this Harry Potter 10th birthday party. I know I say this often but I suppose that’s what happens when your job is your passion and you love what you do so it doesn’t actually feel like you are working!!

The Invitation

For the birthday invitation, we designed a Hogwarts Acceptance letter as per below:

Harry Potter 10th Birthday Party

Harry Potter 10th Birthday Party Decor Set Up

One of our main decor feature was to replicate the bookshelf and Outlandish Events did an awesome job at that. We had candle sticks with dried up wax, an old vintage typewriter, news clipping of Dumbledore, an old fan among many items on that book-case.

For the main table, we used a brick wall backdrop to signify the train station scene. The décor was between vintage and Halloween – trying as hard as possible to steer away from a Halloween look to this Harry Potter birthday Party. I feel like I did do justice to this theme!! The birthday girl is a die-hard fan of Harry Potter and most of the comments received for this event was “it looks like a scene from the Harry Potter Movie!!” so there we go – Mission Accomplished!

Some of the baked goodies we had were Harry Potter themed cookies and cake pops to look like the golden snitch. The birthday banner was designed by Outlandish Events which represented Harry Potter’s scarf. What I loved about styling this event was the amount of elements I could use to create this dessert table. There were so much of angle that this event could be executed thus not one dull moment. One of the decor elements were a garland of Hogwarts Acceptance letters! We also designed Hogwarts Express Train Tickets. We even had magic wands custom-made for this event. One of the features when the guests arrived was the smoking cauldron on the dessert table.

The photos speak for itself – I tried to catch as much details as possible. I would love to style another Harry Potter event again. Usually, once I am done with a theme, I am done!! But this one, won my heart! If there are any Harry Potter fans reading this blog, drop us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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