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Guest Speaker and Judge at The Thematic Table Tea Fundraiser

This is a long overdue blog post and I apologise to the people involved!! I recently had the honor of being invited as a guest speaker and judge at the Thematic Table Tea Fundraiser in Nigel. I am naturally a shy person and refrain from public speaking. However, this event was such a good charity cause that I could not say no. All proceeds for this event went to the local Nigel Orphanage in Alra Park.

My speech was all about the art of tablescaping and how a beautifully set table should be a finishing touch not an afterthought. A tablescape is like icing on a cake – the cake may taste fine without it, but it just won’t be as good. It plays an essential part in setting the mood and creating the ambience. It will help to take your event from ordinary to extra-ordinary – for those of us who are not such great cooks, it may even make your food taste better!

Decorating a table should not be intimidating. As you can see around us today, not every beautiful table is set with porcelain dishes, candelabra and freshly cut flowers. Beautiful tables can be created just as easily with your everyday dishes and things you already have around the house. Tablescape can be high drama or low-key casual; it simply depends on your mood and the type of atmosphere you are trying to create. A tablescape not only enhances your experience but is a further extension of your hospitality. It signals your guests that you went the extra mile to welcome them and it helps to create wonderful memories as well as a conversation starter.

About this Thematic Table Tea..

When I walked into the venue, I was blown away by the various amazing table settings. To see so many people taking inspiration from my work was absolutely overwhelming. The thematic table tea was all about decorating a table and matching the food to the theme. Two table set ups which was really striking to my eyes were the Industrial Mod and A Walk In The Woods.. I loved the originality of both these themes. The amount of effort that were invested in these table set ups could not have gone unnoticed.

Every participant did an outstanding job but at the end of the day, we could only choose one winner.. the winning table was themed “A Walk in the Woods”. The decor and the amount of details that went into this set up was incredibly fantastic. Every aspect was thought of from the decor, food and the way in which the foods were displayed. Attention to detail was amazing. The color scheme ran right across every item on display. The participants also created a feature with beautifully decorated home-made ice cream displayed on a crate of dry ice. This created a smokey effect as the judges came around. That was definitely a WOW factor and a striking one at that.

Runner Ups

Industrial Mod took second place and their table set up was just as amazing. I loved the copper look and how well it was incorporated with the foods. The backdrop was really fabulous and out of the ordinary. All the food displayed were beautifully kept to the theme and created a real mod effect. They had a variety of desserts and savoury items and they were all too pretty to eat. These participants took tablescaping to the next level.

Back to School took third place and what really stood up with this table set up was the neatness of it all. It really brought out that teacher atmosphere as teachers are usually neat and in order. The goodies they had displayed on their tables were too adorable and all so cutely themed to Back to School. One of the participants created a classroom out of cake. WOW? Definitely!

Besides the judging of each table and giving a speech about planning an event… I had to taste almost everything to choose a winner per table setting. I love to eat and try new things but I had no space left after this event!!! Everything I tasted was absolutely divine. Hats off to all the ladies who prepared the delicious foods, you are all winners!

Below, I share with my readers a few photos of the winning table. Unfortunately I could not get hold of the runner ups display set up photos (this is why I was delayed in posting this).

Winning table – A Walk In the Woods

Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts on the winning table! I think this fundraiser was definitely a successful one. The Thematic table tea fundraiser should be held annually all over South Africa to raise money for the less fortunate. If anyone is interested in such an event or the opportunity to host a thematic table tea for fundraising purposes, do drop us an email and Outlandish Events will put you in touch with the founder of this Thematic Table Tea.

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