It is always an honour when high-profile clients appreciate our work and ask us to style their function. However, with this client, it was an extra special honour to style her baby shower as the Tambo family played such a vital role in putting an end to the apartheid regime in South Africa. Theodora Tambo was such a lovely person to work with. The fact that we were both on the same page as to how the function should be was an absolute ease! Theodora was just as particular as I was and attention to details were of utmost importance. We ensured right through this beautiful Chanel Chic baby shower that the right colour combinations were maintained.. Black, white and a touch of soft pink to welcome her beautiful baby girl into the world.

The theme was quite fit for a stylish lady like herself – it was so much fun planning this function. After much consideration, both Theodora and I settled on The Inanda Polo Club in Sandton as the venue of choice. It was perfect for the theme as we wanted a garden baby shower but were wary of the ever-changing weather. Thus The Inanda was the perfect spot providing us with both an indoor and outdoor venue with a view overlooking the Polo Fields and the Sandton skylines.

As to the decor set up of the beautiful shower, we kept it simple with black and white. The centrepiece consisted of bird cages hanging tall with flowers. A few more black vases adorned the table with more flowers. Unfortunately, our flower supplier, Cafe Fleur was such a disappointment. The flowers they provided us with were not fresh as can be seen in the photos. We were highly let down by this company and will not be using them again. We had endless issues with them and were quite shocked at the lies they told us. Our calls and emails were constantly ignored.

Anyhoo, back to the positive and our gorgeous Chanel Chic Baby Shower – as part of our tablescape,  we had Coco Chanel quotes framed on each table. Black wine glasses and underplates  were some of the finishing touches to the table set up. Our thank you favours were delicious pink macaroons set in cute small bird cages which we placed on each guest’s plate.

The guests had a lot of fun at our “Onesie Decorating Station”. Each guests could decorate a onesie for the baby and leave a special message to both mum and baby. This baby shower activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all and definitely something I would recommend for future baby showers.

Stylish canvases were designed by Outlandish Events and placed in the food set up area.

For this Chanel Chic Baby Shower, Outlandish Events also arranged for a professional photo studio to be set up as my client wanted professional photos on a white backdrop to compliment the theme of the event. We had instant photos of guests printed out during the function. Overall it was wonderful planning this function and this is what our client had to say:

Good morning Ishrat 😊I didn’t want to message you over the last two days, the hopes that you have spent them resting and recovering! I didn’t want you to suffer cardiac arrest when you saw my name pop up 😄 I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on Saturday. I know how much effort went into the event before we even got to Saturday and for that, and your commitment to our vision on Saturday means more to me than I can say. Thank you for everything and for your lovely positive attitude. Everyone was complimenting Outlandish Events, and I lost count of how many people I have since sent your number to, who want you to plan their events in the future. For me that speaks to the quality of your work and I am so so appreciative. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful baby shower, you pulled it off very well. My mom thought you were so so lovely, and had such good things to say about you 😊 I love working with you, I feel we really understand one another and (bonus) You’re just a wonderful person! 

Thank you so much

Theodora Tambo

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