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Dr Seuss Inspired 1st Birthday Party

This Dr. Seuss Inspired 1st birthday party got me falling in love all over again with Dr. Seuss. I loved every bit of planning and executing this event. This theme is very trendy and fun at the same time. So, before I carry on, I would just like to add a disclaimer that no animals (or fish.. ) were harmed in the planning, coordination and execution of this Dr. Seuss Inspired 1st Birthday Party..

Hmm, why a disclaimer? Well, I used some live fish in a fish bowl as part of the decor set up – tying it in with the famous “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” book. We had an extremely concerned person at this event that somehow thought maybe I would probably cook up this fish after the event as she questioned me like I was under investigation for some serious offence. I am all for animal rights etc.. but I am a responsible event planner who gave all the kiddies at the party the option of giving some fish a new home!! ***SMH***… The joys of event planning hey! Well, the kids were thrilled to adopt a new pet and once again, no fish were harmed in the planning, coordination and execution of this Dr. Seuss Inspired 1st Birthday Party!!!

Dr. Seuss Inspired 1st Birthday Party Decor Set Up

This party required a lot of craftiness and I never have enough time on my hands to do crafts – as much as I love it. It so happened that the person that does all my crafty decor was on leave and I was left with no choice but to create all these decor items myself! Here in South Africa, we all know how tough it is to get custom decor and it was no different with this Dr. Seuss Inspired 1st Birthday Party. So I spent a lot of time making those trufella trees and painting cartoon like pots for my decor set up.

Outlandish Events personalised everything to create an awesome Dr. Seuss themed birthday party. Backdrops were designed to represent the details in the books, “Welcome to Connorville”. Personalized paper plates, cups and serviettes were specially made for Little Connor who turned one. The cake was so massive that a few of us had to carry to it to the table – have a look and tell me your thoughts! The cake pops were made into Lorax, Truffela Trees, The Grinch.. Details on the cupcakes are to die for. More decor items included (besides our fish in the fish bowl… hmm…. ) covered books with handwritten titles – I even got a little chair to put the cake on, however the cake was too huge to fit on there so I had to go to plan B. Head over to the photos and see if you can spot the creative use of our chair!

What I loved the most about this Dr. Seuss Inspired 1st Birthday Party

What I loved the most about this Dr. Seuss Inspired 1st Birthday Party was the cartoony effect on all the baked goods and designed items. For the kids table centerpiece, we used these lovely cartoon looking balloons cut out. I would love the opportunity of styling another Dr. Seuss themed birthday party because there are just so many ways and angles to make use of for this theme. Think of a Dr. Seuss inspired baby shower? How cool would that be? Are you a fan of Dr. Seuss? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think of this Dr. Seuss Inspired 1st birthday party.

If you would like to order these personalized Dr Seuss tableware, please drop us an email on ishrat@outlandishevents.co.za



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