As per my Instagram post about destination weddings, most couples are under the impression that if they have a beach wedding then they are sacrificing a glamorous and chic wedding. Needless to say, this is completely the opposite. A beach wedding can be just as elegant, sophisticated and romantic all in one. If I had to get married all over again, I would definitely pick a destination wedding.. The destination being the picturesque island of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean! Imagine the white sandy beaches,  the gentle waves embracing the shores, the fresh and salty aroma in the air.. The hues of sunset brightening your cheeks… can it get more romantic than this? I am a very nostalgic person and if you are one too then every time you go down to the beach, you would be reminded of your special day  – by just breathing in the fresh air.

You should definitely have a professional photographer to capture this picturesque wedding set in the most romantic and breathtaking setting.

Here is why you should ditch a traditional wedding and go for a destination beach wedding

  • Holiday and Honeymoon all in one

Well, you get to have a holiday before the wedding with your closest friends and family. The plus side, you and your partner gets to stay on after the wedding to enjoy your honeymoon. What I can picture right now is lots of bonding and emotional moments and memories in the making with both family and close friends!

  • Minimal Decor Costs

The soft sandy beaches, the azure ocean and the green palm trees provides the perfect backdrop for your beach wedding. To not take away from your natural surrounding, Outlandish Events advise your table set up to be kept minimal with touches of bright and bold colors – bring out the couples’ personalities in the decor.

  • Intimate

With a beach wedding miles away from home, it means that there will be a lot of declines from your guests. That might not be a bad thing as you do not feel obliged to invite that one aunt that is always saying something mean to you or that one uncle who you haven’t seen in years –  but obliged to invite because your mom and dad says so. Having an intimate and small guest list for a destination wedding does wonders to your budget. You and your guests can enjoy a vacation of adventure and excitement before and after the wedding. They will surely thank you for the unforgettable time that you spent together.

  • Natural Light for Photos

You are guaranteed to get the best shots of yourself and your wedding as the photographer will be shooting in the natural light – which means that you will look even more gorgeous!

Why you should choose a destination beach wedding

Things every bride and groom should consider when choosing a destination beach wedding:

  • Sunblock

Ensure that you and your guests invest in a good sun cream. The last thing anyone wants is to be badly sunburnt and trust me.. it can get pretty hot on these islands.

  • Ceremony Design and Floral Arrangements

Choose a ceremony design and flowers that can hold up in the heat. A few options that work well are freesia, calla lilies, orchids, and succulents. Stay away from Hydrangeas and roses which tends to wilt very quickly.

  • Sound System

A windscreen for the microphone is a must as there are a lot of noise between the swirling wind and crashing sound of the waves.

  • Private Beach

Find out from the resort if they have a private beach where your wedding will take place – otherwise you might end up sharing the beach with hotel guests

  • Appropriate Dressing

Consider the wind and heat when choosing your wedding gown. Light and flowy fabrics work well in the tropical heat and allows for free movement. Ditch the heels and go barefoot for the reception. There are gorgeous barefoot sandals available everywhere or you can have one made too. If you would still prefer to wear your heels down the aisle, then we suggest having a wooden ramp in place that will allow the bride to easily walk down the aisle in heels without getting sunken in the sand.

  • Wind Plan

It’s a good idea to have an indoor back up plan should the wind gets strong on your wedding day – whether you use it or not is entirely up to you. It’s best to choose a resort that have multiple venue areas thus your plan B is built-in your budget and resort.

Why you should choose a destination beach wedding

Outlandish Events understand that putting together a destination wedding can be challenging. You need a knowledgeable and professional wedding planner that can truly make that fairy tale beach wedding become a reality. And that’s where we come in to make your special day a truly unforgettable event! Contact us today for a wedding consultation.

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Why you should choose a destination beach wedding
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