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21st Masquerade Party styled by Outlandish Events

21st Masquerade Party styled by Outlandish Events – First thing I thought when my client approached me to style her Masquerade 21st birthday party was YAY!! Phantom of the Opera!! My client was such a lovely and humble young lady who was so excited about her 21st birthday she booked me five months in advance!!

This 21st Masquerade party styled by Outlandish Events was such a pleasure to put together. The colour scheme my client and I decided on was white and gold as we were aiming for something elegant. The guests were to be dressed in formal attire i.e ladies in beautiful gowns and gentlemen in suits, not forgetting their masks!

Venue was easy as the client had a beautiful spacious backyard where we put up a stretch tent and I will never use this company again due to their rudeness and attitude. The company called Couch and Tent Hire was such a rip off. I ordered a stretch tent only to find out the tent was not stretched down as per their photos on their website. I have used them before with no issue. I ordered a stretched tent online as per their photos and all was set up beautifully but this time around, the tent was a huge disappointment and they refused to come fix it up. After spending an arm and a leg on the tent, they wanted us to pay a further R 700 for them to fix up their mess – what pathetic customer service I would say!!

So that is the end of us using them again.

Back to the rest of the details of this 21st Masquerade party styled by Outlandish Events, our centerpieces consisted of beautiful round mirrors with tall pencil vases wrapped in white feather boas with a golden mask and more feathers on each table. The gold Tiffany chairs and gold under plates was an added elegance to the whole set-up. For more details on our centerpieces, have a look at the photos – they are absolutely gorgeous and shot by no other than CheekyPics Photography

Our dessert table was minimal. There were masquerade themed cake and cupcakes, a variety of nibbles along with a chocolate fountain. For dipping, we had strawberries, nougat, honeycombs and marshmallows! We made use of of mirror stands to display the goodies and beautiful gold candelabras adorned the table! The gorgeous cakes and cupcakes were made by our regular baker. I must say, she is a very talented baker!

Outlandish Events also arranged for the dance floor and lighting st up and our supplier did an outstanding job.

The rest of the 21st Masquerade party styled by Outlandish Events… lies in the photos!

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